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Emergency Prosperity Assistance Terms

We Follow GOD (The Divine)

  • We can't disobey God's (The Divine) will.
  • We will provide abundance of blessings for betterment in your life.
  • We want you to be courageous and stay healthy.
  • We will pray for you but we do not offer any kinds of guarantees in life.
  • We will provide abundance of blessings for betterment in your life.

We Believe

We humbly believe if we are meant to assist, our efforts should bring joy in your life as we attempt to do our best.

Equality & Fairness

We aim to treat everyone equally with dignity.

Social, Ethical or Morales Standards

We have zero tolerance against any social, ethical or moral standards.

Third Party Referral or Advertising

  • Third party could be any organizations who want to support our cause, approved by our team and has paid to promote their business.
  • We may refer you to any of our vendors, or organizations founded by Shri Rudraji at your request.
  • We only allow third party advertising who are only registered with us prior to offering their advertising.

We are NOT an Emergency Care Provider or a Hospital or a Doctor

  • We are not an Emergency Medical Provider.
  • For any life threatening situations you need to contact local Police.
  • For any medical emergencies you need to contact your nearest Hospital.

We are NOT an Financial Assistance Center

  • We do not provide any financial assistance.
  • We do not provide any jobs.
  • We may refer you from time to time if you ask.

We are NOT responsible for your Personal Actions

  • We don't monitor your personal success or ask that you prove your success to us.
  • We are not accountable for any of your actions in your life.
  • We will not make any choices on your behalf.
  • We will only provide guidance if you request.
  • We only provide additional support to your efforts, but you still have to participate to promote your own personal success at your will.