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Yes, if you follow the process correctly and sincerely.

Life satisfaction, Life dignity, & gratitude towards God is what we hope you achieve from our efforts.

You will receive valuable discounts on our services and you will also be part of a support system that benefits everyone.

Are you happy? There are many questions that you can ask yourself to help you identify if you are Out-of-Sync and then how much you are Out-of-Sync. Those questions will be given to you as part of the Out-of-Sync exploration phase.

Life initiation is a very unique way to plant seeds of prosperity through Spiritual energy from Shri Rudraji himself. If you have faith in GOD, believe in yourself and have a open mind, then certainly Yes.

First receive the wisdom gained from the previous seminars then put all of that information together to have the worry free mind that is required for the Freedom Lifestyle. Secondly, we will

In our opinion, the best part of The Prosperity Maker programs is the unconditional care and support that you receive, especially from a realized spiritual master.  The world is missing the unconditional aspect of life.

We intently provide you a warm platform, do our best to assist and leave everything to GOD. Certainly, we don’t provide any guarantee as not everyone may benefit equally from our efforts. However we are certain it will at-least provide valuable insight to lighten up your life.