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My Prosperity Initiation™

What is 
“My Prosperity Initiation”?

My Prosperity Initiation is a new beginning to your life, enriched with Divine blessings, Divine assistance, and Divine encouragement. It is the most sacred experience one can aim to achieve in life with faith towards The Supreme Divine Energy.


Mantra Initiation

Empowers your soul,
mind & body


Shaktipat Initiation

Awakens your Kundalini
(serpent power)

The Holistic Joy™ system

Uplifts your life, bringing Joy
from all directions of life.

History of My Prosperityd Initiation™?

Rudraji has always argued with The Divine:
Why have people made life so overly complicated, full of twists & turns? How come you don’t assist people wholeheartedly?

The Divine showed him many ways to assist others, and ultimately gave this system to Shri Rudraji with which The Divine can wholeheartedly be the Ultimate guide, being part of everyone’s life.

Receive blessings and truly start living the Divine Life.
Now that you understand the principles that should be followed,
you can start the joyous life that everyone deserves to have.

You can now implement all that you have learned and be Joyful!