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TPM’s Membership Space™



  • Bi-Weekly calls for continuous support, energy enrichment and focus.
  • Free Monthly calls for any FAQs to our Prosperity Concierge Desk.
  • 50% Off on TMP’s Seminars and Workshops.
  • 25% Off on TMP’s Life Gift Set programs and others courses.
  • 10% Off on TMP’s services.
  • Access to Audio or Video recordings.
  • Attend Quarterly Meet with TPM.

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Bi-Weekly calls agenda –

  1. Self-awareness, Self-commitment, & Self-belief
  2. Self-acceptance & Self-forgiveness
  3. Free of Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  4. Create Abundance Mindset
  5. Focus on Prosperity Path
  6. Your Passion & Your Choices
  7. Improvise skills & gain knowledge
  8. A check on being Positive
  9. Being practical, fearless & non-stop
  10. Alignment of Mind, Body & Soul
  11. Successful Approach
  12. Wellness oriented lifestyle
  13. “The Holistic Joy” model of life
  14. Defy ageing and live Youthful life
  15. Wordly Contribution


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