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The Prosperity Dance™


An Instant Prosperity Motivator™

The Prosperity Dance is a joyful way to express your commitment of attracting prosperity in your life. It is a guaranteed way to soulfully connect and attract the prosperous Divine energy through guidance. It’s AIM is to attract prosperous vibrations towards your being and also inspire your soul from within towards positivity, calmness and prosperity. It is the ACE card to elevate prosperity in the life. It is a tool to Visualize, & Embrace Abundance through dancing.


Every time you do the Prosperity Dance with the proper intent, the feelings of joy, peace, and bliss encompass your being. Whenever you need an instant moment of upliftment, just do the Prosperity Dance to induce those positive feelings to return. When you feel good you can prosper in any aspect of your life.

The Prosperity Dance is focused to:

  • Invoke Prosperous Divine energy through chanting.
  • Infuse Prosperous Divine energy into cells, chakras and aura.
  • Obtain abundance, serenity, self-confidence in life.
  • Provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Remove Bodily Impurities through sweat and Detox.
  • Integrate Prosperity at the mind level.
  • Losing calories while dancing on Energized Divine tunes.
  • Increase metabolism and aid with improving health.
  • Achieve mental clarity, focus, and relaxation.
  • Make your cells vibrate at the molecular level with sacred and highly vibrant divine energy.

Be Prosperous, Be Happy, Be Blissful!


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