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The Prosperity Meditation™


Invoke, Reprogram & Embrace Prosperity™

The Prosperity Meditation is a unique technique to Attract prosperous vibrations towards your being and also inspire your soul from within towards positivity, calmness and prosperity. It is the ACE card to elevate prosperity in the life. It is a tool to Visualize, & Embrace Abundance through Meditation.


The Prosperity Meditation is performed using an energized sacred geometrical device as we meditate to reprogram our prosperity. This process initiates you into a mantra and involves concentration, chanting, focus and many other activities.

Shri Rudraji provides a guided way to be initiated into this unique meditation with which anyone can gain access to change their destiny. It is just another way for you to bring prosperity into your life and continue to further your progress on your Blissful Trajectory.

Be Prosperous, Be Happy, Be Blissful!


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