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The Holistic Joy™

Anyone can start fresh in their life at anytime.

Life doesn’t end until you give up or you refuse to attempt trying. Life is not a joke, but a chance to prove your might and achieve self-respect, Spiritual upliftment and life satisfaction.

Some of us get frustrated with life situations and feel dejected in life. It could be very difficult to overcome these challenges and sometimes you loose energy and interest in life. Hence, you must make yourself Sadness-Proof. Yes, it is possible with proper wisdom and initiation from Shri Rudraji.  

The Holistic Joy is a complete system to realize, embrace and implement absolute joy in all directions of life.

It is a powerful model with which you can aim to integrate absolute Joy into your life regardless of your current circumstances. It is a gift from The Divine to humanity to bring Hope.

Basically, the joy as you know it will be dissected and separated into categories so you can understand each one of them and consciously bring joy in all directions of life to experience The Holistic Joy.

AIM of The Holistic Joy:
To bring Joy to all facets of life,
aspiring you to live an Inspired & Blissful life.

The Holistic Joy system is based on the intent to receive limitless Joy by focusing on:

Personal Joy

Family Joy

Social Joy

Global Joy

Spiritual Joy

When you start your Prosperity Journey through the Invoke Prosperity package 
that consists of following seminars:



You will automatically factualize and implement The Holistic Joy system effortlessly.

You will learn more details during the seminars, when you start your Prosperity Journey.