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The Prosperity Initiation™

Invincible Hammer
of God™

Why do you need to go through Prosperity Initiation?

There are many different ways or paths that you can follow to fulfill your soul urges. Going through The Prosperity Initiation process gives you the extra boost you need to confidently pursue and achieve your life goals based on your soul urge. Prosperity Initiation is the beginning of your journey on the prosperity path.

The Prosperity Initiation is a monumental step towards Abundance, Success, and Prosperity.
It is the most sacred gift from Shri Rudraji, The Prosperity Maker. He initiates souls into Prosperity to transform their lives with the highest level of Spiritual blessings.

This initiation is necessary for souls who want to excel limitlessly in their lives, breaking any barriers.
It is that one Hand you can trust unconditionally.

INITIATION Requirements:

After you complete the initiation process, there will be additional steps that you will need to take in order to successfully fulfill the requirements for the prosperity path.

We will be there all the way, guiding & supporting you.

The Prosperity Initiation is a great tool
to combine with your daily Yoga or Spiritual practice
as it will assist tremendously to improve your experiences.

If your heart and soul sings at the idea of prosperity,
then Prosperity Initiation is for you.

Recreate and Transform ProsperityTM