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The Prosperity Maker™

I am your Best Friend who is always on your side wishing & performing the best for You!

Shri Rudraji (The Prosperity Maker) believes in simplicity and corresponds with others in a simple, humane manner of speaking with the most basic language that anyone can easily understand. He is a Divine Servant of Humanity and sends a message of universal family hood, peace and mutual respect.

For two generations our founder’s family has been involved with social service activities. Since early childhood he has admired humanitarian services and gradually was inspired by God (Supreme Divine Energy) to walk the path of helping others. In the year 2011 he made a commitment to dedicate his life towards the well-being of others unconditionally. He is a Life Management Expert, guiding others intuitively in all facets of their life. He provides mentoring, coaching, & transformative ideas with “Enlightened Eyes, Intuitive Wisdom & Divine Guidance”.

Why Life Mentoring?

Many people gave advice to him as he continued looking for life answers. And he struggled to find a pure source who could guide him unconditionally without social and/or man-made barriers. He was fortunate to be directly guided by the highest source, The Supreme Divine Energy. He passes these divine blessings on to others and is delighted to help people move forward, away from obstacles as they are guided by Divine wisdom to fulfill their respective destinies.

Why Business Transformation?

There are many needy people in this world who suffer from lack of unconditional love, support and guidance. While they have the right to live a happy and prosperous life, they lack either the right environment needed to grow or the right direction. The Supreme Divine Energy requested that he set up an everlasting Trust that could be sustained with donations from all over the world and aid humanity in extreme needs. It is a Trust by the Divine and for the people.

Why The Prosperity Maker?

The Prosperity Maker effort is a divinely guided mission to uplift and empower people with Prosperity, Abundance, and a Stress-Free and Remarkable life. It is a greatly needed outreach in this world. As The Prosperity Maker, Shri Rudraji is here to share the essential wisdom to bring Prosperity in life that he received from The Divine.

Why Mediation?

He firmly believes in nonviolence and is passionate about resolving disputes through talking & mutual understanding. Over the course of his life, he was naturally put near disputed situations to help people resolve their disputes. His passion to provide mediation was transformed into a full-time approach to assist people with such a need.

Using his personal life experiences, tools and methods were formulated with intention to unconditionally help others at all levels in order to re-energize, rejuvenate & regain life control.