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Third-Eye Intervention™

What is Third-Eye Intervention?
Third-Eye Intervention is an outreach from GOD (The Divine) to personally assist you in your life. It is an unconditional effort, made with an unconditional approach, for unconditional reasons, and for your unconditional betterment. It is how GOD supports you during your life journey.

Through this particular program (with initiation), you are not only filling out an application to get assistance from The Divine, but you are also being proactive in your personal evolution, rather than waiting for a Divine push.

Why Third-Eye Intervention Program?

Through the Third-Eye Intervention program you are being made more consciously aware, so that you can receive unconditional blessings from The Divine.

Let us teach you the higher level of consciousness so that you will never feel alone, because you will always have someone to depend on!

Is there any extra cost for Third-Eye Intervention?

NO. It is offered as part of the seminar package.