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Why Donate

What is Donation?

Donation is known as “Daan” in the sanskrit language. To give something of value using free will without receiving any less or more of anything in exchange.

Significance of Donation?

Donation is an essential unconditional gift to beings in the world. It liberates souls and provides them with a platform of Good Karma and Well Wishes to furnish other’s dreams. It is a robust mechanism that fuels this worldly existence. It is how God ensures that both care and love exists.

Outcomes of Donation?

Sacrifice and Hope are two outcomes of Donation. The giver sacrifices something and the other receives hope. It is a very interesting mechanism as all beings usually accepts and receives Donation from someone in their life, even right from their early childhood.

Types of Donation?

Donation can be of various kinds. There is nothing you cannot convert into a Donation. Some very common types of donations are Time, Money, Love, Care, and many more.

Donation vs Gift?

Donations and Gifts are basically the same. The main difference is that Donation is mainly offered to strangers, while Gifts are mainly offered to the ones whom you care about the most and have a personal bond.

Why Our Efforts?

All of humanity is important.  We want to do our part from the beginning. By donating 30% of our profit to charity, we are taking the necessary steps towards the betterment of humanity.  We value each and every soul, so this is one of our efforts to make a difference and to contribute to the Divine Plan.  Join us as we spread the seeds of prosperity throughout the world.