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Why Prosperity

There are too many sad souls in this world.
God doesn’t want to see everyone crying. He loves all of his children.  Out of His love comes His wish for all of humanity to be happy with BIG smiles on their faces.  God personally asked Shri Rudraji to carry out God’s wishes unconditionally.

The Prosperity Maker, Shri Rudraji, is
a supreme divine representative sent by The Supreme Consciousness (The Divine or God). As he was awakened by The Divine he has been carrying out plans as wished by The Divine.

He has founded many non-profit organizations to assist Humanity with Spirituality. The Divine Prosperity Maker organization was solely created to address the growing needs of people needing assistance with bringing Prosperity and Abundance in their lives. 

As he has been helping people to be prosperous is one of the ways
Shri Rudraji Bring Back Happiness & Smiles to Humanity.